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Big Steve

Commercial Sources for Bisque Pottery

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alibaba.com ... might have to buy a butt ton of them ... but they cost next to nothing.



Could you please explain further. Thanks



Go to : www.alibaba.com

In the "Search" type: "bisque fired dinnerware".

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alibaba is direct wholesale sources from over seas. Usually the price is 1/10th the cost of other wholesale companies in the states ... mainly because after they import, then charge a markup on top of that cost plus have to cover the margin of loss in shipment ... you're looking at something that might cost $1 a piece from Alibaba being around $4-7 in the states. Downside ... instead of being able to buy in batches of 12-20 ... you have to buy like 1000 of them.


Did a couple weddings in the past and got the plateware for 500 guests from alibaba. did one batch of glaze/decal tests, when they were sucessful, had enough plateware that was custom to make a profit off of while being completely custom for the bridal party. if you deal with one company, you can easily get a bulk discount when you say 'i need 1000 10" plates, 2000 6" plates and 1000 mugs"


Only downside of importing ... import fees. I haven't done much import purchases in a few years but I do thing if it's under $400 there isn't a fee. http://www.dutycalculator.com/ but you can easily calculate what you are looking to have to deal with as a duty fee.

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