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I am wondering if it is safe to fire paper in an electric kiln. Such as paper clay or a piece that has paper inside it to keep the shape of the piece. My kiln is located in a garage that is attached to my home. I do not have a vent but open 2 garage doors and a window when firing. Thanks for any help you can give me seeing I am fairly new to pottery.

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Dear centered,


I used for fire all sorts of paper filled pots and sculptural pieces in an electric kiln. I would not recommend doing so, however, without an exhaust fan. Paper tends to smolder and create large volumes of smoke before it burns. Once paper ignites, it generally burn very quickly and can produce flames that will jump out any openings in the kiln. Leaving the top of the kiln propped open as the temperature reaches the combustion temperature of the paper will help to get smoke out faster...after that, fire as usual.


Take a few extra steps to make sure that there is nothing near (or above) the kiln that is combustible.



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