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Re-firing Glazed Work That Failed to Reach Temp 3 Times?

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Class kiln has misfired 3 times in a row now on Cone 6 glaze firing. Much of the work is Empty Bowls and the event is just around the corner. If we can get space in someone else's kiln what can we expect of the clay & glazes? They will have had considerable heat work and time already.


I re-fired a load like this once but the pots had only had one failed firing, not 3. Will the glazes start to run off the pots? Clay body slump? If the worst that happens is that some color burns out of the glazes, that will be ok.


(The kiln gets a little over 1900F, then throws an error code - too slow rate of rise- and shuts off (working with L & L on solution & have replaced about everything replaceable, but that's another topic). Thanks.


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