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Weather resistant earthenware slip?

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Claypple    29

I noticed how tough it is to clean the earthenware if the slip drops on the cement floor. It leaves stains.

So, I decided to use the earthenware slip as a stain on my cemented retaining wall. Just to even the colors and make the wall more attractive.


Does anyone have any suggestion how to make it a little more weather proof? I am afraid that the rain will clean it off the wall easily.

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Denice    243

I think you would apply a exterior concrete sealer over it as long as it just stain not an actual layer of clay. I do some acid etch staining on concrete and they sell a sealer for it to keep the colors from fading. Your suppose to put new sealer on it yearly, I thinks it's easier to spray it with acid etch again so I have never used it. Denice

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