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clay lover

gerstly borate

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While I am fine with mixing the glazes I use, I am not so sharp about understanding all the intermixed effects of different ingredients.


I have been having some pitting issues, and have been through the standard treatments, soaking longer, thinner application, firing hotter, bisquing hotter, no changes. Then a potter suggested that the gerstly borate in the glazes might be the issue.


Do any of you smart glaze folks have anything to offer on this subject? What percentage of GB can a glaze have before the pitting problem comes up? Is the substitute for it, Gelespie B, equivalent in the mix, or will it produce a different glaze?

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Gerstly Borate is not your issue in my opinion. Some low fire glazes have 75% gerstly and work fine.

Have you considered dust particles? I sand my pots, then I bisque. After the bisque there is dust on the pots. I dip them in a 5 gallon pail of water. Let dry over night. Then you are ready to go.


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