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My first attempt at designing a glaze through Insight.

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Okay, it isn't earth shattering, but it seems to be a decent glaze. I think I need to flux it a little more to get what I want.





I think this is a more than decent glaze.



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Thank you Brian!

Thank you Chris, it has rutile in it.

Thank you Hermes, you helped!!!


Thank you Alice, I'm going to share some, but as I put my pallet together I'll probably get a little stingy, at least for a couple of years. I'm not very good at being stingy though.

Thank you Marcia!

Thank you minspargal, good eye.

TJR, it has some dry spots in the glaze that I think would come out if it were fluxed better or fired longer. However, I'm pushing the body at present so I'm thinking I need to go the more fluxing route.


I'm really digging this glaze stuff. I've been working hard the last year to understand glazes and their chemistry. With Hermes help I got a much better understanding, and the Britt video really helped me in adjusting application. And being on this board with all the great talent and knowledge, and with those like me who are developing potters, has helped a great deal.


Thanks all,




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