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Clay Based Technology

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Hi there!


About a year or so ago, I started to become interested in functional ceramics that go beyond the common everyday items that we use like mugs and plates and cups. To get an idea for what I'm looking for, here are some of the things I've discovered so far. I think there are a few reasons that I am drawn to these types of work.



  1. They're unusual. A good attribute for an artist's work.
  2. They're practical. I have a hard time creating art for the sake of art.
  3. They're minimal. Most of these don't use glaze. I like the look of naked clay. The generic nature of them means that I can adapt a style to them to make them my own.



Clay Based Technologies - http://practicalacti...echnologies.pdf


  • The Clay Refrigerator
  • The Improved Clay Stove
  • The Mubkhar Stove
  • The Kisra Clay Stove
  • The Zeer Water Cooler


Ceramic Cookware




I'm taking a Ceramics II course at my college this coming semester, and I'd like to create some artisan adaptations of these. It really intrigues me how using a well made object, like a teapot, can create a more enjoyable experience and I'd like to build on that. If anyone has any resources or ideas to share or help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Clay body recipes for cookware, other clay technologies, and such would all be very helpful.




Luke Kramer

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