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Bisque Misfire?

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Yesterday I fired my Paragon snf243 - attempting cone 05, no watcher - and I set the knobs incorrectly. They should have been 5 - 1- 2, for 5 -6 hours, but I did 1 - 1- 2 for 7 hours. I don't know why my brain wasn't working, but that's another problem entirely. The kiln sitter never tripped and the little cone doesn't appear to have bent.


Should I refire or assume that it still got pretty hot enough? What does that first (top) knob determine?


Thanks for the help!

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Well that first knob is the power level, so at min setting, I doubt it got very hot. I just restarted it. Oi.


I am not familiar with what 5-1-2 or 1-1-5 is.

But if you didn't hit temperature, just refire using the right settings. If it doesn't work a second time, maybe you need new elements.




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