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The Seasonal Festive Holiday Regift Exchange

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A couple of things have set me off on this topic.

1. I was pretty sure that I came across a recipe for Wirt Shino. I did not know the woman, or that her first name was Judy

2.I was mixing up some tests and came across some wacky glazes in my glaze drawer.


1.The glaze must work. Indicate temperature and wether oxidation or reduction

2.Don't make up stuff at this point. This has to be a glaze that you have been given or traded.

3. Shameless name dropping is O.K., as we want to hear the story of where it came from, andwho gave it to you.

I'll start;

Schambinski and Jawalski Special Cone 10 Reduct.

Albany 60

Ger. Bor. 20

Whiting 10

Barium 10

add copper carb3%

Runs like an ash glaze[extremely runny]{green transparent}

This glaze came from my former prof.,Robert Archambeau [schambinski] He is a prof emeritus from the U. of Manitoba school of art.[see Ceramics monthly this issue. I haven't used the glaze in thirty years,but would sub out the Barium.

Another glaze I remember from when I was at Alfred is from Mary Jo Bole

It is called; "Greeny Gloopy Gloppy, Greeny", and is a low fire glaze that is greeny and gloppy.

Your turn!

Greetings of the season from Tom Roberts[TJR].

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