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Looking for mentor, internship position, studio manager position

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I am currently a undergrad student in Arkansas. I really want to pursue a career in pottery, more specifically teaching ceramics. Before I move on to graduate school, I want an opportunity to connect with other potters and a chance to build up my portfolio. I am willing to move any where, and I am willing to do just about what ever it takes to get more experience. I have studied ceramics for 2 years, and taught junior high and high schools students to throw this summer.


Any suggestions for a position?

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Your first line of resources is to talk to your current professors about the possibilities of which they are aware.


Second, check the classifieds in Ceramics Monthly magazine.


Third .....beg, borrow, or steal (not serious! ;)src="http://ceramicartsdaily.org/community/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif"> ) your way to NCECA in Houston at the end of March. There will be tons of info on potential residencies/internships and some potential job listings. It is also a great place to begin to network with others in the field. As an added plus for you a lot of the schools with graduate programs will be there and set up in the non-profit vendors area.





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