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Hello everyone!


My name is Joao, a Brazilian guy who lives in Brazil and i'm going to visit NYC next January. I really want to buy a giffin, some ceramics glazes and other stuffs! Can anyone give me some addresses and directions?


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New York City hasn't a ceramic supplier per se. Ceramic Supply of New York & New Jersey used to be in New York City near New York University but it has moved. Ceramic Supply is now loacted in Lodi, New Jersey. It is a very good company lots of variety. But you must check their schedule and the map and here is that information. http://www.eceramicsupply.com/location.htm

Bailey Ceramic Supply is also not in New York City proper but is upstate north of New York City in Kingston, N.Y. But they have a wonderful supply of equipment, clays, glazes, and tools.

In New York City there is also the Compleat Sculptor on 90 Van Dam Street. I can't find very much online information about Sculpture House; some of their products are available at Pearl Paint such as pottery plasters. Google them for their addresses and telephone numbers. You can find good clay working and sculpting tools, plasters, mold soaps, lots of casting supplies, and mold making supplies, etc. I don't know what else you are shopping for but going to Pearl Paint in New York City on Canal Street is a huge wonderful experience. There is also a Dick Blick Art Store in New York City.

If you want to see some great ceramics go to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. It is closed on Monday.

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