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Sandra Jimison

Slip trailing

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Slip consistency depends on the effect you are looking to achieve. Start with slip thicker than you think you need it, fill the applicator, and try an application on a ware board, table top, etc. to see how it flows. If the slip is behaving the way you want it, then you can trail your vessel. If not, add a bit of water to thin it, repeat the test, etc., until you get the effect you want. Trailing diretly on a clay surface will be somewhat different than trailing on a clay surface coated with another color of slip.


How you load depends on what type of applicator you are using. For the "ketchup/mustard" type bottles (used by Alex Matisse), simply unscrew the cap. For inner-tube applicators (used by Hannah McAndrew), pour into the open end of the inner tube and clip it when full. For baby-aspirator bulbs, squeeze the bulb, insert the open end into the slip, and release the bulb -- slip will be drawn into the bulb. After you have loaded the bulb applicator, wipe the end and put on the tip (if it has tips).


Check you tube for videos showing slip application.




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