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How to Make Polish Pottery?

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Hi all,

I just saw some gorgeous Polish pottery, which I hadn't come across before. I would love to make something like that!! Does anyone know what type of clay is used, what cone it is fired to, and what is used for the colors? I have been using underglazes on buttons and ornaments I have been making, and have had terrible fading with the reds, so I would be very interested in how to get those dark reds and blues.


Here is a pic of what I was looking at, although I am sure you all know Polish pottery! Thanks in advance,


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WOW! the video was great. thanks, brian.


i have seen this work at several places. the last one was an importer across the aisle from my booth who was selling these fabulous pots for so little money i could not understand how they got here. if i recall, the large oval platter was under $30. how is that possible?


i was at the wrong venue.

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