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need a good kiln wash recipe for cone 6

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as the original poster, i recognize my duty to all of you latecomers to let you know what happened.

i washed those shelves in october of 2012.  i have done NOTHING with them since except load pots and remove pots.   this week i had a long armed neighbor remove the shelf that has been in the bottom since i got the kiln in 2003? or so.  i am going to have to raise that shelf since it is getting a little hard to reach all the way down into the kiln to place flat pots and remove them.  most of my work is under an inch high so reaching is a problem now.  

the point is that the bottom shelf was not washed with the recipe given above (by weight) and when i turned it over huge flakes fell off the underside.   very old kilnwash.  

USE THE CALCINED EPK AND A ROLLER.   and glazes that do not run.   if you glop stuff on thicker than the pot, guess what happens?

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I use 50 silica, 50 kaolin I add 5% Alumina for good measure.

 What temperature and what atmosphere. I pit alumina Hydrate in my liquid wax for ^6 porcelain to avoid plucking.



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