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Unconventional Clay Tools

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i have a hard time shelling out for factory produced clay tools...i have some of course, but i am Always on the lookout for anything handy, and i do think it has an effect on the end result


a few things i use daily, many found at the hardware store, THRIFT store, or the grocery store...some pilfered from our kitchen, lol




like i said, always on the lookout, anyone else have some odd or homemade ideas?

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There was an extensive discussion on this forum a while back that provided some great ideas.

not so many visuals but lots of discussion. The thread was proper inappropriate use of tools and there were a lot of ideas the too.


Always room for more ideas.


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oh, i'll try to search the other thread and link in here...oops!


in case those are hard to tell:




1- grout trowel blade, also made a great heavyduty cutter (and dustpan)


2- camping knife


3 - sureform scraper, carver, usually for dryway


4- kitchen knife, my #1 sculpture tool


5 - 'The Finger' grout smoothing tool, lets you get the power of one arm behing one rubber 'finger', hardware store


6 - credit cards, my go-to curvemaker/smoother when throwing


7 - green scrubbie, smoother/texture maker


8 - old trimming tool become needle tool


9 - cut off dishbrush handle, nice burnisher


10 - Tombo, homemade traditional japanese off-the-hump cutoff tool, flat bottoms Every time!


11 - drill bit


12 - brush cleaner is the ultimate multi-needle tool! sharp, and you can score acres in seconds


13 - grout texturer, metal


14 - big plastic spoon/ throwing stick


15 - cut down brush cleaner scoring tool, these last until you lose them


16 - seashell, texturemaker/shotglass


17 - saws-all blade, more textures

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i cant find another thread on this, maybe i am using the wrong terms, i tried, if anyone knows the name of the other, or wants to link it up?...........

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