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Using a test kiln for bisquing

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I've just acquired a barely used Knight model 71 test kiln (exterior dimensions 20" w x 12" h). I'm thrilled to have it for ceramic jewelry making, but now I'm wondering if test kiln bisquing schedules would be different from bisquing in a larger kiln? Would you bisque fire small jewelry pieces between 1/4" and 3/8" thick in a small kiln any differently than in a larger kiln? I can find no information about this kiln online (I have no idea of the age or if it's still being manufactured), and searching this forum for the general topic of bisquing in a test kiln yielded nothing. I tried Googling various manufacturers' test kilns, hoping to find something on this topic, but haven't found anything there either. I have been urged by the helpful people on this forum to conduct test firings in my larger kiln to learn what heating schedule is best for that kiln, but I don't know if different firing rules apply to such a tiny kiln. Jayne

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My first Skutt was KS 614-3 it had a small interior. The information and firing schedule was not too much different than the larger models. Do you have a KilnSitter or a controller?


This is for KilnSitter kilns-

Go here http://www.skutt.com/pdf/op_manual/KS_manual/KS_OperatingManual_2002.pdf and then go to page 10 and read the information for KS 614-3 and for the smallest Skutt KS 609. It will give you a firing schedule for small kilns.


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