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Mark C.

The best part of an Art Show

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While driving back home from a show today on a seven hourdrive from San Francisco area back home. One has time to reflect. I was thinking aboutslaying the dragon or what it feels like sitting on top of the world when alittle story came to mind and I’ll share it with you. As it rings true after most shows and was what I wasfeeling today.


I have a friend who is a mostly retired sandal maker afterover 40 years –We used to always eat Japanese food together at shows around thewest-places like Park City or Tuscan Az. or other exotic locals.


When he had put his 40 years in doing shows he gave it upfor strictly mail order. Now I should say his name is Lee Risler who is the well-knownone-armed sandal maker of Kiwi sandals. He lost his arm near the end of doingshows but never stopped making shoes. He makes a mean sandal and now his son isdoing shows and the making shoes. He was in a car wreck on the way to a show.His story is very touching and is on the web if you care to look. I suggest youdo as it’s worth the read as it’s the best part of why we do what we do.


But I digress as this story involves the best part of theshow. I one night at dinner asked him what he was going to miss the most aboutbeing at a show and his answer is what I felt today and every time I leave ashow. He said driving home he felt like a King- one who conquered the show andwas at the top of the world –slayed the dragon at least for the day or two hehad till he got home when his wife said something like welcome home please takeout the trash and empty the cat box. The kingdom comes down hard. And fast.


So today just for seven hours or so I was at the top of theworld and yes I cleaned the cat box this afternoon.The kindom went puff alongwith the dragon.





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