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Best Table for the Studio?

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Susan, I agree try goodwill or salvation army for a table. I have used plastic table cloths for 20 plus years they usually last for a couple of months and are cheep enough to replace. Depending on the table you can get clips that attach the top to the table just by slipping them on for "Coleman camping supplies found in wall mart, sporting goods suppliers. gander mt. , cabalas, ect.... If that does not fit the bill some scrap pieces of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 inch plywood in probably 1 in. widths, tuck the table cloth in between and screw to the bottom watch the length of the screw so that it does not come through the top face, eg. 3/4 in. top with a 1/4 in scrap = 1 in. use a 3/4 in. screw. Good luck



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