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mark muller

electric kiln - cone 8 glazes

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hi everyone -

im a newbie. i've recently just built my home studio; converted my 2 car garage into a one and used the other side for my space. it turned out great! i've got a few cone 8 glazes going and im looking for some more recipes? if anybody out there could turn me on to some simple cone 8 glazes for my electric kiln - tht wud b great!!!


i've been reding the forum alot lately and wow wut an awesome thing for us newbies to learn, learn, learn!!


thanks to all the vets tht take their time to post and answer Q's from us dum ones!


hv a great wknd!!

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You can bump any cone 6 glaze up to cone 8 by adding equal parts kaolin and silica. You'll have to test to figure out exactly how much. Cone 10 glaze can be brought down with the addition of about 3% Gillespie Borate. Having fired cone 8 for a couple of years, I can tell you the biggest problem with firing cone 8 is that you'll be under firing cone 10 clay bodies, or over firing cone 6, neither of which is ideal. I also gained 20-30% longer element life by dropping down to cone 6. There's no good reason I have found to fire at cone 8.

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