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Porcelain Slip Formula?

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I am trying to find a recipe for cone 10 Porcelain slip so I can dip fiber art in them for firing. I came across one from a classmate but she made one so long ago. I had a hard time understanding her explaining the recipe. I copied her recipe and now asking you guys if anyone with experience would tell me if this recipe is correct or not. I wrote down exactly what I saw on her paper but I don't understand some parts of it. I am very new at mixing glazes and slips. Forgive me for any spelling errors. Corrections are appreciated!



Mix first:


Barium Carbonate 1/2 oz


Soda Ash 1 oz


Water 5 gallons


Sodium Silicate 2.5 fl oz




Dilute 50/50 with water






25% Super Standard


25% Grolleg


2% OM4 Ball Clay


28% Minspar or G200


20% Silica










Gumplast 1 pint


Darvan 1 tsp - small like eye dropper




Makes 100 lbs slip



I hope you understand I do not want to ruin the kiln or accidentally destroy other people's work in the kiln should this slip fail and make a mess. :/ Thanks in advance for your feedback!



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