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Horse hair theft increasing

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I'am doing horse hair firings too (I love the stink, John:lol:) and I get the hairs from a nearby horse ranch. They would give it for free, but I always pay 20 bucks for a bag full. White, black, from the mane or the tail, whatever. I use the ones from the mane for the firings and the ones from the tail for brushes. Like Marcia says (hi Marcia, are you still in Vallauris?) they get it from their scrubbers after grooming their horses. So no fence jumping here either...


Why aren't they monitoring the horse fences during the night? They would catch the thief in no time....


Happy pottering!




Yes, still In Vallauris..show went up today and will finish exhibition layout tomorrow when the last pieces come from the kiln. looking good so far.

Thanks for asking.


Show includes a French horse's tail!




Hi Marcia


I got an invitation for the show in Vallauris and I wanted to come surprise you, but we got a message that my mother-in-law had another stroke and we have to rush home. I'am so sorry I couldn't come. I wish you a lot of visitors for the show.

How is your friend in Italy doing?

Could you post pictures from the show in Vallauris?

Love, Evelyne

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