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Sales Tax ID, Federal Tax ID, OR

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Posted 21 August 2012 - 12:18 PM

Send registered mail return receipt requested.

Walk in to the town officed with a printerd letter and get the person who recieves it to sign for it's receipt on a xerox copy.

If they behave like this.... if there is an issue ... they will nail you to a wall.



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Posted 21 August 2012 - 09:43 PM

I simply cannot help myself....so here goes EMAIL!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

THEY DON'T HAVE IT!! The Reason???? THIS!!!!! Too many residents call to find out this and that, only ONE person knows the answer....... Can you even IMAGINE the number of emails that person would receive????? He ain't gonna (sorry, but again, can't help myself) want to even look at an email account much less ANSWER it....going to upload a pic of 2 different signs and see what you think in a few minutes.

The point is that it doesn't matter if he answered the Email.It matters that you sent the inquiries and got no response on several occasions- timed and dated as evidence.
I personally would lose the sign and send Emails which say you are open by appointment.

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 04:17 AM

ok, let me address some of the points you guys have graciously given me, not necessarily in the order given, just in the order I am thinking about them.

As far as losing the sign and sending out emails, yes to one, no to the other. Yes to I will send out emails, as well as post to Facebook page. But like most of us, our FB friends don't live in our neck of the woods, so them visiting isn't very likely.
Most of my work, probably 75% of it is internet sales, going all over the place. I do shows every now and then, but after having Total Knee Replacement in 2010, and all the complications that are still going on, shows are so very difficult and I really pay for the time I stand and kneel, and all the other stuff that goes with show sales. So I did the Etsy thing for awhile, then got contacted by another on-line pottery place, and have put a few things on there. So I really have not had a "actual studio" to bring people to that live here to show my pieces to, don't want people in my home and that was where all of my pottery is, packed away in boxes with pics on the top of boxes and details on back of the pics.
My husband was the one who suggested the studio/retail area, and had a building built for me, and we are now in the process of decorating, painting, etc, the retail side, my side is completed, and I am in there most of the time either glazing, or organizing, or whatever i decide to do. Just being in a new area, one that is all mine, built for me, is one of the most wonderful things he has ever done for me. And I want to let the whole neighborhood know about it, and that I am back in business here, with my pieces displayed and lights shining, etc.

SO, with that being said, I truly am p-o'd that our Town does not have the courtesy of returning any of my calls, visits, etc, or have someone let me know something. I have done my due diligence, over and over. I am not going to go out of my way and get a letter, take it up there, have some secretary sign for it, and wait for a answer that may or may not come. That just should not need to even be considered. It isn't as if we have 4000 people who live here. We don't..Maybe 2800. Town Manager has the time to answer calls, return calls, etc.. Or have someone on his staff do it. That is what they get paid for. I have better things to do than chase after him. I really don't mean to sound like a you know what, but dang, what part of "CALL ME BACK PLEASE" being left on your voice mail, thru your staff does he not understand????? The ball is in his court, and if he wants to challenge the sign, then so be it. I have more than enough spit and fire if need be, honey and sugar if need be, to get my point across. Like I said, there are signs all over town in peoples yards, "African Violets For Sale", So and So Artwork, Piano Lessons,......A sign is a sign is a sign. It is that simple. If my sign HAS to come down, than by golly every sign in this town will have to come down.

I do good work, in process of getting all my licenses, etc., and to be honest, with this stupid knee, I am unable to work outside my home, so this is where my income, (what little there is of it that doesnt go back into glazes, etc), comes from.

I will be MORE than happy to go to Monthly Meeting and present my case if anything is said to me. I do plan tho, on talking to neighbors and maybe taking a coffee mug, or a bowl, or something to "play nice" with them.

Here is a draft of the sign that is going to go under mailbox, it is 21 wide by 15 tall....I may go smaller, havent decided yet, waiting on a new phone number just for business purposes, and am also thinking about putting a pic of one of my pieces somewhere on the sign. The business was named after one of my dachshunds I lost 4 years ago, and I do wonder when people see a dog on a sign if they automatically think there are dogs for sale. So, I may put pottery there instead, any imput on that part?

Hope I am not stepping on toes, but this is really important to me, and I want things to go splendidly for a change, and not have any small town drama.

Suggestions are always welcome, but not always used, so suggest away!!

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 09:15 AM

Yes, replace the dog with a photo of your pottery, just to avoid confusion.

Have you considered having an open house for an afternoon, shorlty after you open for business? Invite the neighbors so you can explain thoroughly what you're doing. They'll know that it's nothing scary. They can then spread some word-of-mouth advertising for you. Or when they have out of town guests, they'll know a fun place to bring them.

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 09:19 PM

Before moving to Boise, I lived in a small town (pop.under 3,000) in the mountains and at one time was a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission. The signage thing usually ended up on our platter. At one time some busy-bodies even tried to get a law passed whereby a person had to seek permission from their neighbors if they wanted to paint their house another color!

All that foolishness aside, it's better to stay on the straight and narrow if you want to start your own business. Your city library should have copies of state laws dealing with municipalities, and if your town/city has been set up and recognized by the state, there should be copies of incorporation for the city, and laws that have been passed since incorporation. Ask the city librarian to show you the books and you do the research. If your town is not incorporated, check for county or state rulings. Figure that setting up a town legally is just like you setting up your business--there is always someone/something a notch above that will step in and assert control unless you have made a "best faith effort" to abide by the rules. Yes, it's frustrating when no one will answer your questions. The best way I've found to get their attention is--if you have a local paper--a letter to the editor outlining what you need to know. Someone will answer you--especially in a small town. No local paper? Call the state or hit those state statute books again.

Don't try to circumvent the "system", it'll do more harm than good.

Sales tax account--definitely needed. Signage--make sure you send/take in a drawing of what you intend and have the clerk stamp date every darn thing, plus a copy for you to take home. If there are rules/laws about square footage, parking, etc. make sure you don't give them any opening to come back at you. I would include one of your letters that lists how many times you've asked for and not recieved answers. Put in the date you intend to hang your sign and say that if you do not hear from the Town Manager or whoever is in charge by ? (pick a date prior to the sign hanging) that you will then assume that you are free to move ahead with your plans.

You have my sympathy. A little bit of power tends to make despots of even the best people. Show them how professional you can be even if they don't do it themselves.


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Posted 23 August 2012 - 07:38 PM

ok, interesting research.

Talked to a sign company in the town next to ours and was told that they have done several signs like mine for the town I live in. There was no zoning ordinance, no permiting, no nothing. The only thing she said was that the sign could not be any larger than a real estate sign, and it could not be concreted in the ground.

Also, sent an email to the Mayor of our town respectfully asking for some guidance and some information on this issue. I told him my opening day was next weekend and I needed time to get sign ordered and invitations sent out, basically the same thing I have told our Town Manager. Again, no response.

So, I have made my decision. I am no longer waiting to do what I need to do in order for my small shop to open. Sign will be ordered in the morning, I will hang it from my mailbox when it arrives, I will be sending out invitations and announcements tomorrow as well, placing ad in our local paper letting everyone know that I will be open September 8th. Was going to open Sept 1, but that is Labor Day Weekend, so not sure if that would be a good idea.

I have done all I can do, I am extremely dissapointed that our Elected Officials treat the citizens this way, basically ignoring them even when the issue is a "small" one such as mine. There is really no excuse for not getting some type of communication from them, so let them find fault with what I have done. I am not going to keep waiting and hoping for an answer. It is just plain sad that we have only ONE person who can tell me anything. What happens if that person is out for any length of time? Does the town just roll up the sidewalks and wait for his return. Nope, not going to do that. I have been as professional and as above board as I can, contacting every person who works at Town Hall, as well as the Mayor.

But I have worked too hard and too long to be put on a back burner with no intentions of being contacted over something as petty as a sign in their opinion.

Wish me luck I will probably need it, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure my sign stays up.

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