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NASA...Mars and the photos

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Well creativity turns me on....LOL




so has anyone seen the photo gallery on da NASA sight.

from the latest landing


i started drooling and mi mind blew up


i see notations of clay on most photos.


so ......when Virgin gives free flights to mars I'm gunna be on it and toting my pic and shovel


I'm gunna dig that stuff and convert one of the rovers into a wheel with voice commands forward and reverse.


then wait till earth rise and throw the first pot on mars.....lol at least i hope I'm da first.




what would u do if u could get some of that high dollar clay....bet u recycle it to the last speck here on earth.


LOL Earth rise Mars pot #1

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First of all, each grain of what you call 'clay' is actually eggs in habernation of 'Creature 8472' (see Star Trek) just waiting to be brought to life by the introduction of Earth water. I suggest leaving that 'clay' on the planet from wence it came.


well guess it will have to wait

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