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Kiln Vents

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Kiln venting systems are not only a way to move fumes out of the room, they are also moving the air

inside the kiln to keep firings temps more even throughout the kiln.


Fans also helps with even cooling ...

I fire down to control the cooling speed with the fan going all the time. Most cracking and warping

problems happen on the way down.


I believe these systems optimize your kilns performance.

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I have to second Chris on that. An envirovent is well worth the money. It evens out the firing, brightens the colors, and takes nasty gasses out of your workspace. Even bisque offgasses toxins in firing, and some glaze ingredients (like manganese) can be more dangerous to breathe than to handle.


I believe there are lots of gadgets potters don't need in the studio. Safety equipments and kiln vents are the exceptions.

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