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Deidre Haignere

Mentor Needed / Developing Additional Capacities in High Fire

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Potters Council organization includes artists at many different levels of expertise, ranging from student, to recreational, to professional ceramic artist. This wide range of expertise will provide a great mix of mentors and mentees.


We have many mentees looking for someone like YOU! This member needs help in the following areas, note you can mentor just one area:



  • Skills and Techniques (Forming, Finishing & Firing)
  • Critiquing Work
  • Business: Sales 101, How to Begin
  • Business: Retail
  • Marketing Plans and Ideas

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for Member #834, please fill out a mentoring application here: http://svy.mk/HHPYuS. Please be sure to note the Member number so we can connect you to the mentee. #834.


To read more about the mentoring program, Click HERE.


Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

  • Gain personal satisfaction from enriching the emerging artists’, students’, or established artists’ current artistic needs.
  • Give back to the ceramic community through the development of our peers, emerging artists, students, and ceramic professionals for the future by personally and professionally supporting their growth.
  • Enhance coaching, feedback and existing skills.
  • Exposure to new and different styles, knowledge, and perspectives.
  • Receive a nomination from your Mentee for a Mentor Award.
  • Potters Council recognition.



Do you have knowledge and expertise to share with others? Are you ready to give back to the ceramic community as a mentor? You can get started by reviewing the Mentoring Guidelines and completing the online Mentor Application.

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Well, wow, look at the views! I've been helping out with matching up Mentors with Mentees for the past 6-7 months. Mostly it's been a good gig. Sometimes I get a bit of flack on a sort of snippy level: it's about time you got in touch type of deal. Well, way hey, I'm a jobbing potter. Volunteering time. Board member: we take on a job within Potters Council. Back off with the attitude, please, thank you very much. I know that if you're in a place where you're having trouble accessing internet, and you're struggling to get online time is slow and you're -- frankly -- irritated.


Sign up to become a Mentor. If you're chipping away daily on Clayart@LSV.ceramics.org -- for example -- I'm eager to see you place your time and talent towards becoming a Mentor. It's totally obvious to thousands of readers that you've got time.

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