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TJR    359

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yes, I know it is Friday the 13th! I guess I have to say it is a good luck day since I am turning 59.O.K. Pick yourself up off the floor. I am not using a walker yet. StIll teaching high school art-26 years, and still making pots-35+ years.

Anyway, here are the two glazes. The active ingredient is bone ash, which is a flux and causes the glaze to be a beautiful buttery white.


Tom Roberts Gloss White

Potash spar 20

Whiting 11

Talc 11

E.P.K. 17

Flint 20

Alumina Hydrate 4

Zirco. Pax 6

Bone Ash 5

OM4 Ball clay 6

Total 100


Pete Pinnell's CIA


Spodumene 15

Neph Sy 10

Syth. Bone Ash 11

Talc 20

EPK 13

Flint 24

Total 100


The second glaze is from Clay Times,Vol II Number 2 [March/April, 2005

Pete suggests adding copper carb in increments of 1%,3%,5%,7%, and 9%.Some beautiful greens result.

These glazes are for cone 9/10 reduction.

Try some colourants and let me know your results.


Gifts gratefully declined for tomorrow.[my birthday,remember]

Tom Roberts, a.k.a. TJR.

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LilyT    1

Happy Birthday!

hope your day is spent doing things you like. and thank

you for the present, how lovely and unexpected!



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