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Need help with Pure Brilliance Glaze on Terracotta, PINHOLING problems

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I have had good experiences with this glaze in the past, andnow seem to be encountering difficulty with pinholing, most especially on largeplates and platters - almost a given. Other forms seem to be fine.


The viscosity I use is approximately 21. Currently I am doing a mix of brushing applicationand pouring liners and flatware to achieve a uniform surface. This has been a standard method for me thathas worked in the past. I am firing to ahot 04 bisque and glazing at 05. I havenever found the need to soak, however I do close the top spyhole immediatelywhen kiln shuts off. I do a slow firingapproximately 10 hours and give ample time for cooling. I have an older model Skutt kiln model 231that fires consistently even in temperature – manual controls.


In the past I have had success even with the platters, butnow am troubleshooting. Would love somehelp as my dinnerware orders are stalled in product ion, and pottery is myliving with summer fair season already here. Thank you for any advice.


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I've had problems with pure brilliance myself unless I get my viscosity to 19 seconds.


Can you provide a photo of your pinholing? Are the super fine pin holes or are they like small bubbles?

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