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Porcelain and Ceramic Jewelry

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I have made one or two bangles from clay but I found them quite unsatisfactory for wear and selling them was almost impossible. I have combined metalmsithed bangles and clay and epoxy for a more durable type of outcome.


I use heavy kanthol wire to suspend heavier porcelain jewelry from the bead rods if i want to glaze and entire piece You will need to use two rods to suspend a bangle and then grind down the resultant small marks the wire leaves on the underside of the piece with a dremel or Foredom.

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Hi Fuad,

I thought I had responded to your sanding comments- maybe with this being reposted its been deleted.

Wet sanding should not create any dust at all. I use automotive suppliers wet sand paper as it gives the smoothest finish.

Half fill a bucket with water and I put all the jewellery needing sanding in there. Work on one at a time underwater = no dust!

Its a very fast process so doesnt add much to the making process, they end up smooth as glass.

I find over time they can become marked when worn often, but I just wash mine in soapy water with a soft brush and also advise buyers the same.

hope this helps Lyn

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