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Need ceramics people for Google+ On-Air hangouts.

A chance to talk about your skills in a Google+ On-Air live hangout. On-Air hangouts are posted in Youtube.

Send me an e-mail or contact me via Google Chat.

CERAMICS TALK – ENGLISH is a meeting place for aficionados of clay to discuss techniques and, when possible, provide live demonstrations.


Potential topics for discussion are presentation and marketing, tools of the trade (kilns, potters' wheels, etc.) and...you fill in the blanks...

Hangout etiquette

Please do not arbitrarily interrupt whomever is speaking -though sometimes a burning question requires it

Try not monopolize the conversation

Avoid side conversations unless using the chat box

Use the ‘mute’ button when there’s background noise

And, if possible, use headphones with a microphone to avoid feedback




Contact info



  • roberta.laidman@gmail.com

Google TalkRoberta Laidman


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