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I’ve been working with gold lustre and recently changed brands.  I’m  familiar with that dreaded purple that appears when the lustre is too thin, and I’ve also seen the lustre crackle when it’s too thick. I’ve not seen this matte kind of finish which is in the photo attached. The piece was glazed entirely and shiny before application. 

Is the application too thick or thin?

If I reapply and refire will it go shiny gold?

or is there something else wrong?



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It's a little hard to tell from the pic, but it doesn't really look like what I would call a "matte" finish - at-least not on the gold.  To me, it looks like it's a shiny finish that's not on a perfectly smooth surface. 

Looks to me like the whole piece has a bit of an orange-peel texture to it, and looks like there may be some bubbles in the clear around the base of the raised area with the lustre on it.  I think the lustre is just amplifying the underlying surface texture. 


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Great thing about gold lustre is that you never have to guess what it will look like.  It will look EXACTLY like whatever you put it over, only gold.  It'll never smooth anything or change texture, because it is a layer of gold a micron or two thick. 

Your glaze is very bubbly, so the lustre looks like it's covering bubbles.

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