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Where can I find the model of a Kiln?

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I know this is a very beginner question, and I apologize in advance if the answer is very obvious, but I am looking at a listing for a kiln and I asked the seller to send me a picture of the face plate so I could see the kiln model. I can't find anything here that says the model. Is there something I'm missing? (sorry about it being rotated, it was sent to me like this. ) 




kiln sitter.jpg

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There's no model there, it's a plate with the electric info stamped onto it. Ask for that.  People think the kiln sitter is the model number but it's not. 


This is an example of a plate, it's not on a kiln but a kiln will have one very similar.  This is from my lathe at work.



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tell the owner to look at the right side of the red painted section that sticks out.    whatever the price is, that is a very old kiln so find out as much as you can.   was it used for only earthenware, low firing temperatures, or how often was it used?  can you get a photo of the inside, (hold the camera down in the middle and get a shot of the wires in their grooves)   is it still in use today or has it been in storage for a time?   

there are lots of previous posts about what to look for in a used kiln, try to find them.

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