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Where Does 3D Printing Fit?

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On 5/19/2019 at 4:53 AM, TomDM said:

This is interesting to me.  Are we talking about transferring COLOR to clay or being able to cut or form a shape into the clay?   If adding color imprints,  at what step might this best be done?

The answers could guide our upcoming advanced 3D immersion class exploration.  We like to give the students real-world lab exploration projects.   And, this sounds interesting.  Smooth-on has a variety of materials for creating molds and/or stamps,  I've not nee happy with creating stamps for printing on paper; but, our cadets might be fascinated with finding the best material for stamping color on ceramics surfaces.  Cool!

I'm talking about incising clay.  Ordinary rubber stamps work OK for putting colour on.

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I just had a name stamp made up from a 3-D printer. I chose a thin lined font but it just doesn't have a sharp enough edge to leave a crisp thin line on leatherhard pots. I've an older smaller stamp made by Jet Stamps which works terrifically, nice sharp edge even after stamping thousands of pots. If you could 3D print a stamp with a sharp edge that would be something I think there would be a market for.

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