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Shimpo VL Whisper control board

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My 8 year old Shimpo was getting slower and slower. I called Shimpo after trying to adjust the potentiometer. That’s when I learned that it needed a new control board for $317.00. I mostly handbuild so the wheel was not used daily.  I did not know that the capacitors on the control board are like a battery and the wheel needs to run to keep them charged. Sitting idle decreases their life span. Am I the only one not aware of this?  Is this so with all the newer wheels? My 40 year old  year old Brent has been repaired once. I bought the Shimpo for the quiet  

Thanks to all.



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Interesting, never heard that one for any capacitor other than a super capacitor used to backup onboard memory instead of a battery. I think this is a bit incorrect so am too interested in the final explanation. For now it appears to be fiction to me. Just my first thought though.

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Not sure I belive that story. I have seen Brents sit for decades then work for more decades.An 8 year old shimpo is a NEW wheel still.

You sure its not the hamster inside is aged out and cannot spin the running cage  fast anymore??I think thats a better story if they are making this stuff up.

Or maybe the electricity is old electricity and has lost it pep.

I learned long ago that some stories do not hold water.

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