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Mark C.

Spring shows are coming-threw my 1st pots today

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After talking to my hand surgeon last week, she gave me the green light to try to throw some small stuff this week as long as I use no force with the wrist. I threw 20 baby bowls (less than 3 inches across) today.My fingers did well and all centering stress is on left palm. I feel that using the hand some after my 3-wrist bone removal (PRC) 10 weeks ago is the best therapy. And nothing is as good as clay wheelwork. I was able to do this just fine. Wareboards are still only a left hand deal but my right hand is starting to function well again. Still have a LONG way till wrist movement and grip returns as wellas fingers closing all the way but it’s a good start. I snuck in a few 2# bowls as well. Looking forward to trimming in am. It will be awhile before I can do this (production photos) kind of production again but it’s in my near future (2-4 months).

These photos are last springs production-I'm not there yet.


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