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Mark C.

Glaze jet video

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I have written up my homemade glaze jet that I published in Studio Potter years ago a few times here-Its not my  original idea but this is how it works

They clamp in a bucket and spray glaze into the forms

This hows how easy and fast they work-This is a non potter friend using it -I;m in the rear.

Unless you have lots of forms to glaze this is not for you-to much work to make-they cost about 25$ in materials.They really speed up glaze day. I have about 4 of them-some are for larger buckets . They work best if bucket is over 1/2 full.


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I saw one of these made with a basketball in a Chinese china factory.  I thought it was awesome. Basically a basketball with a fitting on each side one with a flapper, one side goes up to the jet, the other hooked into then bottom of the bucket.  Pretty cool, just step on the basketball and it shoots glaze up into the bowl

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