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how to make glaze which swells?

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My topic question was about how to make glaze which swells and became bigger in hight. If somebody knows about how to make it please help me. Thanks in advance!


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look at facebook Davis Vachon gallery.   you have to back up to a couple of years ago to see how they do their beautiful birds, angels, etc.  lately there are more paintings, not pottery.  they also have an etsy store.

i just noticed that none of us really answered your question

the glaze you see is not swollen.  it is normal glaze that is placed between the black lines that you see.   when it is applied with a tiny nozzle squeeze bottle, it smoothly covers the area inside the lines, making it look as though the glaze swelled up.

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It looks like it's reacting away from the wax lines.

Maybe it is swelling, or it's just an illusion.


Something similar happens with glass fusing.  Glass wants to be 6mm (1/4") thick.  So if you stack say, three 3mm pieces of glass and fire them to the right temp, you will end up with a piece 6mm high, but larger than they started.  On the other hand, if you stack one 3mm piece and fire it, it will get smaller, and try to be 6mm tall.  How tall it get's will depend on how large it is.

You can see this affect on glaze when it crawls or runs, there is almost always a curved edge that is higher than the rest of the glaze.

All to do with surface tension.  (And COE?) 

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