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Hi, so I am new at this and asking for help. I had fired my clay, and painted it (with regular paint, ceramics friendly) and then put a glaze over top. The glaze said it could be used over paint and that it should be clear after firing. After firing the glazed pieces, it seems that the paint has been stripped off and the glaze never went clear. Did I do something wrong? My kiln is a cone 8, bought barely used. I followed the instructions on the side and the internet: Cook on low for 1 hr., medium for 2 hrs., and (after looking it up) another hour on low. Also, is there any way I can fix the pieces? They were gifts and took me a while to make them, but I know they're likely ruined.

I appreciate any advice and help.

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Could you clarify what "paint" you are using? Terms sometimes get misused and I'm wondering if you used underglaze. Could you post a picture of the label of the paint or give the product name?

Also, you said you fired for 1 hour on low, 2 on medium then 1 more hour on low. This firing schedule won't be getting the kiln very hot. When firing clay and glaze it is customary to refer to the "cone" you are firing too. If the clay is rated for lowfire, about cone 04, then the glaze should be made to be fired to about the same cone. It will say on the bottle of glaze what it should be fired to. Not a good idea to just turn on the dials for a set period of time without knowing how hot the kiln gets. If your kiln came with a manual I would read that for some explanation of how to fire or if not you should be able to find it online. The clear glaze is probably under fired therefore not clear.

Welcome to the forumĀ :)

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