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Health Concerns with Making Glazes ?

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I have been considering mixing my own glazes for a while now, but there are many health warnings around dealing with the different types of minerals and other materials.  Has anyone explored this concern and have advice?

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Plan for clean up, then clean up! ...where are airborne particles going (and settling)? What if (err, when) you spill powders? Liquids? How will you store/dispose of cleanup - responsibly?

My mixing area has a broad flat surface, easily wiped off, over a smooth (cleanable) floor. Directly overhead my (homemade) vent a kiln is running throughout, and I don't open the door or windows during, hence the only air movements are caused by me shuffling about, and the vent a kiln. Dry spills are carefully cleaned up wet - sponge or mop; wet clean up same - w/o allowing the spills to dry and become airborne. Cleanup all ends up in a bucket, which settled contents become either a "mystery" glaze to play with, else to toxic waste.

There's more ...as Liam says, it is simple safety.



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Its a dust hazard -so a mask is best no matter where you do it-outside keeps all the duct outside but if you do not have a mask you can still breath it.

Just use a mask no matter where you mix-

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