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Can I use porcelain and stoneware on the same piece?

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I'm very new to clay and just started hand building. I have some awaji porcelain and some stoneware with grog. Could I use both of these clays in the same pot and have it stay intact through firing?

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Short answer: no

Long answer: it depends

Bonus: why


You can stain the porcelain to be whatever color you want, so that would be what I'd do.  The stoneware and porcelain will have different shrinking rates, different things happening in firing, etc.  You can build something but it could crack from the stoneware pulling apart the porcelain or the porcelain could shrink away from the stoneware, or it could all go really well.  The best thing to do would be to test it out on something


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It will work better if both clays have the same shrinkage rates-those are listed at the manufactures web sites.

It may be easier to use a white porcelain slip on top of stoneware-sometimes this can be done when the work is wet or after its Bisqued . Testing is required.

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