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New Skutt Km1027-3 Touch Screen kiln arrived!

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Our 40 year old kiln gave up the ghost last month, so we ordered a new one from Sheffield Pottery in MA. Yes, we're in Oregon, but they're pricing was 20% less than our local supplier, and 5 weeks faster! They coordinated shipping direct from Skutt so we got it in 2 weeks.

It's so automated! Compared to the 10 hours of babysitting we would do with our old one to do the ramps and holds we like to do - this allows us to program the ramps, walk away and check it with our phone. The spring loaded lid opener, the handles for moving - all is of much higher construction standards than our old timer. Even the straps that came apart holding the stainless rings on have twice the welding now. Good thing!

There is no "safety" - like a kiln sitter, but there is an auto shut off at a preset temp, and an alarm that can be set. 

We installed the Envirovent as well. The instructions are so fresh they are stapled paper pages added into the manuals - still have to get that sync'd with the interface - it may take a support call.

I flashed the firmware, and reinstalled anew and the whole setup was seamless. The phone apps are connected and working, but missing quite a bit of information yet - I assume they will add more info soon. I would like to be able to download our firing logs, and see where we are on our ramps on the phone. Also, it tells us how far we are into the firing, but not how long there is to go. I figure they have more programming to do, and the app will get more feature rich as time goes.

On it's test firing, all went well. It followed the ramps perfectly and its outside temperatures are very low in the kiln room. The envirovent is a bit noisy, and a constant clicking of relays while firing says something is happening in there.

While we waited for the kiln to arrive, it gave us the time to tile the floor.

Excited to program complex firings  for our glazes!


kiln room.jpg

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Kinda like a shiny space capsule, isn't it?

We push it back to the wall when not firing and doing glaze work. We figure that everything should be movable.  It's a formidable piece of heavy stuff. Sure appreciated those wheels getting it off the trailer to the kiln room!

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I got a shiny new kiln a couple of months ago just like getting presents Christmas morning.  I have only fired it once since I got it,  my loads have been to large for that small kiln.  But I am going to fire a bisque in it soon.   I hope you enjoy it!   Denice

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