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Red Mid-high fire range clay body

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I am looking to make a red clay body. I fire to cone 6. I am needing a simple recipe so I do not have to buy a lot of different materials. Currently I use the Hombolt porcelain clay body (silica, ball clay, epk, and minspar) If I am able to substitute one of those out for say red art clay, or another known red clay body that would be easiest. Anybody with simple red cone six recipes or know where I can find them? I do not glaze my work so shrinkage is not an issue. I just need to to be strong/sturdy once fired.

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here is my former teacher's (Bill Daley) clay body. He fired it at a brick yard conveyor kiln. Daley's is toasty golden, Linda's is rich and deeper color, and David's is the reddest. If you search the Ceramics monthly Archives for an article with Daley and Wright you could see examples of their pieces. Daley's and Linda's are more for hand building. Wright's can be thrown.

I just noticed the above link has examples of Daley's clay body.


Bill Daley's Body ^6 tight Clay Body

Ball Clay                   13.33%

Cedar Hts Red Art  40

Fire Clay                   20

Newman Red Clay   26.67


Barium Carbonate  1% dissolve in water

Grog                        10%



Linda Blossom' ^6 Clay Body

Hawthorne Fire Clay    35

OM #4 Ball Clay            20

Newman Red                  20

Fine Grog                        20

Silica 200 mesh               15

G200 Feldspar                10

to glaze green use .5% vee gum in glaze



David Wright ^6 Clay Body

Ball Clay                    10%

Cedar Hts. Redart     30%

Fire Clay                     20

Newman red               40


Barium carb.                1%

Bentonite                      1%

Fine Grog                    5%

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