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To the Business-Minded Ceramic Artists...

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Please consider helping us with the Potters Council Mentoring Program...


We have a handful of Mentees requesting help with business questions and set-up, marketing plans, and general business advice. It will not take much of your time. Do you mind sharing a few tips, answering a few of their questions, helping a new potter/ceramic artist know the next steps to be an artist full-time and make a living in the art world? It is not an easy endeavor. Your advice will carry art forward and help an artist make it in a world that is not as art-friendly at times.


You can set the terms of your contact - if you prefer emails, if you like to talk by phone every other Saturday before noon, etc.


You can say how long you can help - a month, three months, six months, etc.


We just need a moment of your time to help our fellow artists.


Please take a look at the program. Please volunteer to help a Mentee. We will proudly recognize you as a Potters Council Mentor and you will be eligible for our awards and more.


Info on Potters Council Mentoring Program


Thank you for your consideration!

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I have been on the fence about this and this pushed me over-I'll sign up when I return in a day-I have some time now with a recovering hand.

Thanks for the push.



Application sent

Edited by Mark C.

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Mentoring is a very rewarding activity. My Mentee has set up a Google Docs site where she's popped in the discussion topics which we initiated during our first phone chat -- it's a spreadsheet format-- and very easily worked on; included me as a participant. I receive auto updates when she's acted on some aspect of our discussion and entered in a comment or so. There's an auto highlight feature which makes it convenient to land on topic she's addressed so I can chip in as well. Progress and pleasing progress at that. Genius. This gal lives in Colorado, I'm in Seattle area. Chris Larson Renquist who returned to potting a couple of years ago has taught me a new trick or two. I only wish we could pair up more folks with Mentors. Please consider helping out.


Good job, Mark! Thanks.

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