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So I've mixed a few of my own glazes.  Some of them are more stable than others but I always fire to cone 6 and use a pretty standard stoneware. I'm finding that some glazes run more than others. Is there any additives than be used to stop this from happening? I've done a bit of research and it looks like gum arabic can help?

Also, does anyone know what the ratio is when mixing gum arabic with water (that's assuming the GA will help to stop the glaze running).

Thanks in advance for any advice given!



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Adding alumina will slow down the running, a good source of alumina is the clay that you use in the glaze recipe. (kaolin or ball clay) Try taking 100 grams of your base glaze and adding 2 grams clay, dip and test tile, add another 2 grams and dip another test tile. Keep going until you have added around 10-12 grams of clay and dipping test tiles. Gums are great for using as binders and suspending glazes but won't slow down the run of a fired glaze.

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