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Nova kiln model P

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I have the opportunity to purchase a small electric kiln branded as "Nova P" does anybody know anything about this kiln or where I can get information on it please? My intention would be to use it for small pieces for bisque firing and perhaps for mid-fire glaze firings.

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Are you sure the kiln is model P, or is that the model of the sitter? There should be a serial plate on the kiln that says model, voltage, phase, etc.

There is little to no information about Nova kilns on the internet. Someone on the forum had one a couple of years ago, and it was a funky little thing with elements embedded in the fiber walls. My general recommendation is to avoid kilns that are no longer made unless you're sure you can get parts for them. 

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I posted the picture of the NOVA kiln.  There is no way to gradually turn up the temperature.   It's the type of kiln that is plugged into a regular outlet, and was probably intended for glass fusing and china painting.  I only use it reheat pieces for horsehair raku and like the fact that the elements are covered. I use a sight cone system to determine temp.

 I don't think it would be practical for bisque.   I've never glazed anything in this kiln.

Mine only cost $25 so I thought it would worth having for some of my experiments.  

The picture of the kiln is in my gallery. 

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