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small deal event was successful!

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not a big deal show today from 9 am to 3 pm.  hardly worth it, right?   well, that depends.

it is an annual plant sale with vendors allowed to set up a booth and sell juried products.  i attended it 2 years ago and sunburned my eyeballs because it suddenly went from normal hot day to 104 F.  in the non-existent shade, not under my tent roof.   i dropped a gulp size cup of ice down the back of my shirt and it melted immediately, it was so bad i considered using the emergency shower in the employee workspace for the arboretum.  sales very slow.  thank heavens my daughter-in-law was there to drive me home.  slept on the way for 60 miles.   colored my opinion of the event.

today, a new day, same show.   beautiful weather, for the first time in a very long while so i went.  from very rural with fog and deer on the roads to absolute frenzied traffic and a beautiful setting.  was slow setting up because i was alone.  did not take as much as usual.   sold lots and lots of stuff while being told that the work was beautiful or special or some other wonderful word.  sold lots of $9 items to people happy to get them.  sold two very large platters, the ones i did in florida and finally glazed.  they went very early in the day for $110 each.   found i forgot a box of medium sized work so i was selling mostly up to $25 or over $80.

have not yet counted the money.  after leaving the show grounds at 4:30, i went to a local fried chicken fast food place and locked my car door with the keys inside.  very hot and tired, distracted by trying to get the seatbelt and my moneybelt off without hitting the glasses hanging around my neck.  knew instantly that i had done a REALLY DUMB thing.   have not done that since the 1970s.  you would think i was having a bad day.   no.  the employees at the food place were very accomodating and helped me find a tow truck.  i did another REALLY DUMB thing and gave them the address of the plant sale, not the restaurant 5 traffic lights to the west.  tow truck arrived at 7:15.  i got home at 9.

you might have thought i was having a bad day.  no.  after weeks of being cooped up in the studio or house by incessant rain, it was so delightful to be out  (75F. with blue skies) with friendly people willing to praise and buy my work that nothing can make me feel bad about the day.  

except maybe the fact that the dog feeder i arranged to come in and take care of bently forgot.   but dogs are really forgiving, aren't they?  he is sitting here loving me anyway.   

i don't care if i made a lot of money.  (but, i might have!):D


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thank you all,  the rain was back yesterday and is expected to continue all week.  until saturday when i have another tiny show in a very tiny, 6 blocks by 6 blocks, community in maryland.  let's hope they come out like they did last year and buy pots, lots of pots.    and invite their neighbors who surround them densely.  

callie, so far, a quick look shows about $900.   when i get the cash to the bank counting machine i will have a total.  yes, all cash and 4 checks.   those gardeners know what to bring to a show!

the rain is the constant, too small for individual drops, misty stuff.   my front deck is now green with something slippery.   got to get a BIG bottle of bleach and a broom out there.

think good thoughts for all those folks in the carolinas and south of here.

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On 9/22/2018 at 10:02 PM, oldlady said:

you might have thought i was having a bad day.  no. 

Inspiration, sharing gratitude, uplifting stories--it is so cool to get that good stuff here, on a site for making things out of clay, of all places! 

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