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Crazed crockery

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Definite maybe on this one. In some cultures crazed ware is looked at as being desirable, in others not so much. If the clay itself is vitrified then the crazing is going to weaken the ware plus it might be unsightly if the crazing lines have stained, but if proper housekeeping is done it likely isn't a health hazard. Unvitrified crazed ware would be more of an issue as the clay itself can hold bacteria from foodstuffs.

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I have some old dinnerware that was my Granny's that it's nice to bring out for special occasions, to remember her. It has considerable crazing, reflecting its age, so I do not serve acidic foods, or those that must be cut with a knife, on them. 

Bread - yes

Spaghetti - no

Also, do not leave foods sitting on them, rinse immediately, do not soak, do not wash in the dishwasher. 

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