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Juli Long

glaze crawling

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Juli Long    5

First I want to apologize to moderator for previous topic thinking this was shivering when I think its glaze

crawling. I was given a detailed explanation on shivering and I thank all who responded to my topic

but I think I should have said crawling glaze.

So I reposted with a photo to be sure.

Mixed new batch of glaze.

25 lb. dry commercial

bisqued to 04

cleaned all pieces with water and rag

yes this glaze has crawled before

previous glazing it did not with thinner glaze mix.

This glaze was a little thick so I dipped quick, in and out . mixed this batch for 7 minutes with jiffy mixer. Used 24 pints of water to make up a little over 3 gallons.

In the past,

when glaze mix was thinner I had bisqued to 03 so I glazed to a count of three. That batch of glaze had a firing that crawled and a firing that did not.

I did something right once. Not sure if it was due to the thinner glaze, or the amount of time I left the piece in the glaze or the bisque temp.

Preheated kiln for 7 hours to be sure bisqued/glazed pieces were dry. Slow glazed to cone 5, 15min hold cool normally.

Sorry to ramble but hoped I covered all info.post-2478-132899961989_thumb.jpg



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neilestrick    1,381

I wouldn't call that crawling, either. Looks like some pinholing and crazing. Try firing up to cone 6 to fix the pinholing, and add some silica/flint in 3% increments until the crazing is gone.

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