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Marketing work?

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If someone wanted to sell their work and wanted to post it on a website ( That was not their own) in hopes that they would be flooded with buyers, where would this somewhere be? I have stuff gathering dust in a shed, basement,spare room ect. Some of it needs to stay there and some of it needs to be moved to a dumpster, but some of it is sellable. I tryed doing the business thing fulltime about two years ago, I crashed and burned,( but that's how we learn). I swore off clay forever, but we all know how that goes. (I've had dirty hands again for about a year, just can't seem to stay clean.) I have recovered money wise, pride wise and am some what wiser. I have licked my wounds, pugged my sorrows and stopped pouting. ( wife was real glad about the last one). Seeing I can't seem to help myself, I think I'll try again ( you can always begin again). Everything I did was local and I didn't have a website. I plan on getting a website, but know less about that than a lot of other things I know nothing about. Small steps are key to my business plan lest I be overwhelmed with success. All I want to do is find a place to post some work, see if there is a responce and hopefully at least find a way to support my habit. We can conquer the world , cover it with tile, at a later date. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Ain't clay fun! Kabe (Maybe a website might be better? All I know is that, I don't know.)

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See a discussion about that here:




Also, for a good online store, see Mea Rhea's site :




Looks like you're off to a good start on Etsy, buckeye!





Hey thanks for the plug for my store!


Kabe, Etsy is by far the easiest and most popular way to start an online store. Read the other link above, we've discussed the pluses and minuses of Etsy before. And no matter how you decide to build your store, remember that building the store is the easy part. Driving eyeballs to your store is the hard part, and requires a lot of work and attention. Online selling is not a complete plan. By itself your online store will disappear among all the other 100,000 online stores out there. Yes you need to have a website as well, and I encourage you to venture out to your local fairs again. All of these areas of "presence" will support each other. Lots of free and easy ways to build a website too. (I really like http://weebly.com , there are other services like this too).



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Here is an article I wrote on the basics of selling your pottery .... Not everything applies but good stuff to read before you start.




Most potters say they want to be ready for overwhelming demand, but what they truly fear is ZERO demand. NO is horrible whether it is said or implied by no sales.

So many believe that all they have to do is set up a site and buyers will come ... But as Mea says, setting up a site is the easy part. Getting people to the site and having them stay there for more than six seconds ... Yes under 6 seconds is all the time you have ... to get them interested enough to click or read. Excellent images are crucial. Interesting content is crucial. Getting hits on your site takes work.

Don't set yourself up to fail ... Get rid of all that ugly work that is just hanging around reminding you of how bad you used to be. Build a wall with it or smash it ... Just get it out of your world.

Start local with small crafts fairs or even a local farmers market, or a small gallery. Get honest feedback on your work from these customers. Find the pieces you like to make and people like to own. Read everything you can find about setting up a crafts business in your library and online.

Yes, it is very hard ... But it is a gift you are giving yourself so take whatever time you need to do it well.

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