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How can I fix a crazed pot

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Hi everyone,

I did try and find a solution but only came up with how to change the glaze composition. 

I have two urn which I just fired and both have crazing. I checked thick6of the glaze and all seemed fine. It's stoneware fired to 1200°C with 20 min hold. I've had problems making these pieces and it's taken me 8 months due to health issues and trying different forms for the request.

Can I refire and hope that the glaze will smooth out or touch up with glaze and refire? Solutions would be much appreciated.  Many thanks


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Crazing is caused by a mismatch in the shrinkage rates of the glaze and the clay body underneath it. Refiring won’t help, I’m afraid. 

Unless the urn is for food use, which if I recall this specific one is NOT, the crazing doesn’t need to be considered a flaw. If the jar is for burial, crazing can be embraced as aesthetically desirable. 

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