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I think it speaks to contemporary culture change, in a positive way, that the issue of being bound--animal or human--is reasonating with some of us.

Not sure that would have been the case, in terms of consciousness, 30-40 years ago, before the the tide began to turn on recognizing and rejecting various elements of abuse issues.

I could barely look at the piece--had a visceral reaction that completly blocked my ability to see the "pet" in a lighthearted way, certainly not as having a fun game of play. .  That is not meant as a negative or criticism... just commenting on how our work  may affect the viewers in such different ways. The bound lamb is all the more interesting because it is presented as a tea pet, and not as protest piece or (I am assuming) an overtly religious art piece.   The de Zurbaran painting is specific to Christ and the crucifiction...an intentional expression of religious statement.  

Hopefully, discussing the art of clay and viewer interpretations/discussion are not out of bounds for the Forum--another culture change these days seems to be an increase in hyper-senstivity as to what people may or may not safely put forth in  discourse.  Personally, I enjoy an occasional bit of dialogue about pieces, beyond "what glaze, what cone, what kiln" :)



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Wow, @LeeU!! That would be a heavy statement - tea poured over pet bound lamb. Reminds me of "P**s Christ", if we stay within Christian iconography. Of course, lambs were chosen, bound and sacrificed long before Jesus. And their breeders were supposed to be pleased and proud that their perfect lamb was chosen, tho I imagine quite a few little pre-4H'ers, madonna-like, have anguished over their success, as now.

That said, I'm a carnivore. In cooking iconography, it's a little cuter than its corollary- a nice lamb shank.

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